gershonedith-foundersGershon Addo was born in Patterson, New Jersey and raised in Ghana, West Africa where his parents were pastors of a church.  While actively serving in his parent’s church, Gershon at an early age discovered his passion in music as he played the drums, bass guitar and led the congregation in praise and worship.  At the age of 17, he returned to the U.S. to further his education in the field of Fine Arts at Truman College in Chicago. While Gershon was ambitiously working towards his degree and playing college soccer, He served as a minstrel and a worship leader at Faith Tabernacle Church which is now known as Open Arms United Worship Center (OAUWC) for several years and various other ministries.   While serving, Gershon also discovered a passion for song writing and received a revelation from God that he will impact the world through his gift in music someday.

Edith Addo was born and raised in Chicago, IL to immigrant parents from Cameroon, West Africa. Her father was a pastor at a Presbyterian church while her mother led the children’s ministry. Edith studied at Truman College where she obtained an Associate’s degree in Science and then decided to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy at Chicago State University. During this time, she was actively serving at Heritage International Christian Church and Faith Tabernacle Church (OAUWC) as a youth praise dance leader, adult praise dancer, women’s choir member, and a worship team member. She later discovered her gift of songwriting which grew into a passion to bless the Lord and others with.

Gershon was joined with his lovely wife Edith in July 2010. They first met in 2005 at Faith Tabernacle Church and became very good friends, but were unaware of the divine connection that was yet to be revealed. The moment Gershon and Edith became one through marriage; songs began to be birthed through them from a place of prayer and personal time of worship. It became apparent that if their songs can bless and touch their lives, it could do the same to the world when shared.

After three years of receiving a revelation of new songs, Gershon and Edith took a leap of faith to start a band and movement –The New Generation Levites (NGL). Even though their hands were full with four wonderful children, God revealed to them that He will raise and gather a new generation of Levites in all the nations to worship Him and will bring others to the knowledge of Him through their music. They strongly believe that these are truly the last days and God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh just as He promised in Joel 2:28 regardless of age, gender and race.